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Gloucestershire Target 2020 is funded through the European Structural and Investment Fund. The project offers up to 5 days energy efficiency consultancy to 300 Small and Medium sized businesses (SMEs) in Gloucestershire. The grants will contribute a maximum of 35% towards energy saving measures and could be worth £500 to £20,000.

As an installer of energy efficient measures in Gloucestershire, do you have customers you could offer this grant funding too? It could help you win more business….

The programme is called Target 2020 – Countdown to a Low Carbon Economy. The programme takes a holistic approach to energy use within a business. One of Severn Wye’s business energy advisors will work closely with each business throughout the process. Each business will have:

  • Historical energy data analysed.
  • An onsite energy survey and report produced.
  • Results of the survey presented to management.
  • Help creating an action plan broken down in to no cost, low cost and capital cost measures.
  • Staff energy awareness training.
  • Help to identify potential installers and quote analysis
  • Up to 35% funding towards at least two energy saving measures.
  • Publicity through the programmes dedicated website and case studies.

Energy efficiency measures that can be supported include (but are not limited to):

·       Lighting and controls

·       Boiler replacement and controls

·       Insulation

·       Free cooling

·       Variable speed drives

·       Process equipment

·       Renewable energy production

The programme is open to SMEs who are based in Gloucestershire, but due to funding restrictions the following sectors are excluded from this programme: synthetic fibres, textiles and clothing, motor vehicles, shipbuilding, coal and steel, agriculture, food processing and retail*.

*Retail may be able to receive the consultancy, but not the grant.

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