Code of practice

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Link to energy is a partnership between Severn Wye Energy Agency and local authorities in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire.

As an independent charity, Severn Wye and its partners cannot make specific recommendations for particular companies, either within or outside of the Link to Energy network.

Our activities are partly funded by a small fee charged to the installer on successfully completed works. The contractual arrangement for each sustainable energy installation including cost, quality, performance and maintenance is a direct contract between the client and installation company only.

Severn Wye Energy Agency and its partners do not accept any liability for work undertaken by companies participating in the Link to Energy network. For renewables installations, the RECC quality assurance scheme provides an arbitration service in case of disputes, which is free in the first instance to both installer and clients.

In any other cases of concern or dispute we recommend that the customer contact the relevant accreditation body or your local Citizens Advice service for details of arbitration services.

Member companies may be removed from the installer database if they do not comply with the network membership terms and conditions or should information be received from relevant accreditation bodies, consumer bodies or local authorities that states that the company or services and products they provide are not fit for purpose. Additionally if an accreditation that is required to carry out the work, has been withdrawn.