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A good time to invest in Solar Photovoltaics?

The government has recently announced a consultation of the Feed in Tariff scheme. Currently if you install an eligible solar PV system of up to 4Kwp, you are paid 13.39p for every unit of electricity that the system generates. The consultation proposes to reduce this to 1.63p for solar systems of up to 10Kwp! There is also a proposal to only allow properties that reach an Energy Performance┬áCertificate (EPC) of┬áband ‘C’ or higher to apply (with some exceptions). Currently you can apply with band ‘D’ or higher. The consultation closes on October 23rd, with changes (if they are passed) likely to be made in January 2016 – so there is still time to benefit from the current tariffs. If you are considering solar PV, why not send an enquiry to some of the Link to Energy solar installers who will be able to advise on fitting solar panels to your property