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If you are looking for financial help or support to make energy improvements to your property, this page should provide you with some useful initial advice. Funding and financial incentives for energy efficiency improvements change regularly, so for up to date information check our news page or call our Warm & Well advice line and speak to one of our advisors.


The Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

The ECO is a scheme aimed at helping those who are on low incomes, certain benefits or who live in specific parts of the country to carry out home energy improvements. ECO funding is made up of three different elements and you may qualify for grant funding if you fit into one or more of these categories. If you’re in receipt of certain benefits (pension credit or income related benefits) you could qualify for funding towards insulating your home, and replacing your old boiler.

Homes with solid walls could qualify for funding towards the cost of insulation, regardless of income or benefits. Funding is also available to parts of the country recognised as having properties in need of support – and some of these areas are in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire.

ECO funding through the Warm and Well scheme

You may even be eligible for help for measures such as insulation and new boilers through the Warm and Well scheme. This scheme is run in partnership with the local authorities in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire. Please call the Warm and Well advice line on 0800 5003076 for up to date information.

Own funding

If you are looking at paying for energy efficiency improvements from your own savings, then Link to Energy can help you find local accredited installers in the area and offer advice on the options for energy efficiency improvements for your home. Funding availability does vary, so if you are considering paying for energy efficiency measures yourself, contact the Warm and Well advice line to find out if there is any funding currently available that can help.

The Green Deal

Due to changes in government policy on July 23rd 2015, there is no longer Green Deal funding available for customers. There will also be no further releases of funding for the Green Deal Home Improvement fund. The Green Deal framework still exists, so you are still able to employ a Green Deal assessor to complete a Green Deal assessment and advice report for your home.

Call the Warm and Well Advice line (0800 5003076) for up to date information on news of future government energy efficient funding schemes, or to book a Green Deal assessment of your home.


The Feed in Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive

If you have a renewable electricity generating technology such as solar PV, wind turbine, micro CHP or micro-hydro, then you may be eligible for the UK Government’s Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) scheme. Introduced in April 2010 this scheme pays generators a tariff for each unit of electricity generated and an additional tariff for each unit of electricity exported to the grid.

For renewable heat, the government introduced the ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ in Spring 2014. This scheme can provide regular payments over seven years if you install an eligible renewable heating system such as a heat pump, biomass boiler or solar hot water.

Call the Warm and Well advice line on 0800 5003076 for further information on how to apply for these incentives.


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