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0800 500 30 76

The Warm and Well team has been providing free, impartial and local home energy advice to households across the south west of England for more than 11 years. During that time we have helped tens of thousands of householders cut their energy consumption, reduce their fuel bills, and most importantly stay warm and well in their own home.

Our team of qualified energy advisors can help with a range of energy issues. From providing advice about simple measures that can be implemented in the home, through to helping people access grants to make improvements such as installing insulation or a new boiler.

We can help people with understanding their energy bills or advise them on changing their suppliers, too.

We can also help give people a better understanding about renewable energy – such as the pros and cons – and to help them understand which is the most suitable technology for their home.
Our advisors can even help those who are in fuel debt or who need help ensuring they are getting all the financial support they are entitled to by putting them in touch with our partners and other local agencies.

You may even be eligible for financial help from Warm and Well itself through its grant scheme. For further information on grant and finance options for energy improvement packs see our ‘Finding the finance’ page.

Warm and Well is managed by Severn Wye Energy Agency, a local charity and non-profit company, and is supported by the eight local authorities across Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire.

For further information on staying Warm and Well and advice on a range of energy saving questions contact the Warm and Well advice line on 0800 500 30 76.

Website: www.warmandwell.co.uk

Email: warmandwell@severnwye.org.uk

Follow us on Twitter: @warmandwell

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