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Every home and household is different, so if you are considering making energy efficiency improvements one of the first steps is to find out which measures would be most beneficial in your particular case.

You may already have certain measures in mind, but need some further information to help you make your decision. Alternatively, you may be starting completely from scratch. A Home Energy Assessment can help you to decide the most appropriate energy efficiency improvements for your property.

There are different types of Home Energy Assessment, but a Green Deal Assessment is currently one of the main options.

Severn Wye has a number of accredited assessors and associates who can carry out Green Deal Assessments and Advice Reports. There may be a charge for these, but there may also be funding available to help pay for it in some areas.

During an assessment the assessor will visit your property. You will be able to ask any questions you like about various measures or about generally saving energy in your property. After you have had a Green Deal Assessment you will receive a report which details how much energy and money the appropriate energy saving improvements may save you.

The section below provides more information on what happens during a Green Deal Assessment and what information you will receive in your report.

What is involved in a Green Deal Assessment?

The Assessment

The first step is to look at the size, shape, construction, insulation and age of your home. This requires an on-site survey, which lasts about two to three hours and is carried out by a qualified Green Deal Advisor. It’s referred to as a Green Deal Assessment.

During your assessment, your advisor will collect information from your home about its condition and from its current occupants about their behaviour. You will also receive some advice on how you can bring your energy bills down through changing habits and behaviour.

Your advisor is required to take photographs as evidence for auditing under their certification scheme. Should you have any questions/reservations relating to this you should talk to your advisor, who will explain the requirements.

The Green Deal Advice Report

Your advisor will then complete and return to you a Green Deal Advice Report, which consists of two elements: an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and an Occupancy Assessment (OA). These two assessments together form your Green Deal Advice report, which is bespoke to your property and your household and is explained below.

The Energy Performance Certificate

This shows the current and potential energy efficiency of your home. It will contain recommendations that save money and make your home more efficient. It is calculated using standard occupancy patterns which means that it assumes a set number of people living in the house and set heating times and temperatures.

The Occupancy Assessment

This is designed to collect data that more accurately reflects the way that you as occupants use energy in your home. Your advisor will ask you information about heating times, hot water use and how much you use major appliances.

All this helps to build a comparison between your energy use and that of the ‘standard’ occupant, as used in the EPC. This enables a householder to see a better estimation of the savings that they could expect to make as a result of improvements.

If you would like to arrange a Green Deal assessment of your home, or if you have further questions, then please contact our Warm & Well advice line on 0800 500 3076 or email linktoenergy@severnwye.org.uk  where an advisor can provide you with more details and book a survey for you. Green Deal surveys typically cost in the region of £180-£200.

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